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Our mission

Don’t you feel that to get proper information you have to go through more and more promoted sites, advertisements, etc. In most cases the first page of the search results are the paid offers, not especially full of valuable content. Quite often the “real” results start on the second page of the results list and are overtaken by paid advertisements.  We know that content is the KING, but is it a true in this case? In this case the King is hidden somewhere behind. We want to bring him to the light. To his merited place. 

That’s why we started our work on onBroom, to swipe out all information which makes a noise in our search results and hides “the real King”.

We know as well that every search engine has his own logic and algorithm to measure the quality of the content. It creates a specific , closed environment in which we are working. We want to get out of this environment and check what other environments can offer. That’s why we are using multiple search engines to get a wide scope of the results. 

pure results

We aim to give you only those search results which has a real value and are highly indexed in multiple search engines, removing, at the same time, those pages which are artificially promoted.


Get out from your search bubble. Why you have to be restricted to only one search engine, its rules and its algorithms ? Use them all.

The results are enriched with ChatGPT.

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one filtered result

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